About the NEC

The National Ethanol Conference (NEC) is the most widely attended executive level conference for the ethanol industry. Since 1996, the RFA’s NEC has been recognized as the preeminent conference for delivering accurate, timely information on marketing, legislative and regulatory issues facing the ethanol industry.  With numerous networking opportunities, more business meetings are conducted and contacts made at this conference than any other ethanol conference.

In 2015, more than 900 industry leaders and professionals attended the NEC, representing 40 states, the District of Columbia and 16 countries.  The majority attend for the networking opportunities (88.4%), followed closely by business development (59.3%) and to learn more about government policies (51.2%). Networking and business development have been the leading factors promoting attendance since the NEC’s inception.

Why Others Attend:

"The NEC is the one venue that provides me with the opportunity to meet with and learn from fellow ethanol producers, catch up on important trends in the industry, gain valuable technical information, and preview new technologies and offerings from the latest research and from industry suppliers.  Our small company sends a large contingent of staff and board members to NEC each year because of the value we find in the relationships, the information, and the networking this unique event provides.  We get a tremendous amount of business conducted in a very short time.  Well worth our investment!"
Randall Doyal, CEO, Al-Corn Clean Fuel and Chairman, RFA; attendee of all 20 NECs

"The National Ethanol Conference (NEC) provides a unique forum that connects ethanol marketers, ethanol producers, petroleum marketers and retailers together under one roof. If you plan to market ethanol-blended fuels such as E15 and E85 at retail, the 2015 NEC is a must-attend. At Protec, we see great value in attending the NEC each year for our bottom line."
Steve Walk, VP of Protec Fuel

“I have attended all of the NEC conferences since 2005. It has been and continues to be great value to Fremont Industries for meeting key people in the ethanol industry. Plus it helps us to get the pulse of the industry for the upcoming year."
Rob Herbon, Executive Brand Manager/Ethanol, Fremont Industries, Inc.

"The NEC is the most valuable national event that I attend each year.  I look forward to getting the latest information on the status of the industry and what issues are anticipated in the coming year to prepare for meeting those challenges. It’s also a great opportunity to re-connect with colleagues and meet new people who share the same interest and goals.”
Lucy Norton, Managing Director, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and attendee of all 20 NECs

Who should attend:

  • Ethanol producers and marketers
  • Future producers
  • Finance/Banking/Traders
  • Risk Management
  • Gasoline marketers
  • Transportation Industry
  • Policymakers and government
  • Ethanol Industry Suppliers
  • Energy and Environment Officials
  • Agricultural Leaders
  • Academia